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Underground Society

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Underground Society

Underground Society is far more than a PFP Collection. They give you an NFT that delivers Utility while appealing to those who value Art and Community as well. Tied to the products, services, and tools of UGS Labs they are able to provide immense value to their holders. UGS Labs has created CORE, Solana's first Automated Liquidity Provider (ALP). CORE will allow you to purchase and trade NFTs dramatically below the floor all from the exchange or AMM you already use. Welcome to the Underground.

Floor Price

◎ 4.23 Increased by 1.20%

Total Listed

234 Increased by 0.43%

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Total Listed %


24 Hour Floor Range *

◎ 0.00 - 9.99

7 Day Floor Range *

◎ 0.00 - 9.99

30 Day Floor Range *

◎ 0.00 - 9.99

24 Hour Volume

◎ 53.1

7 Day Volume

◎ 768.1

30 Day Volume

◎ 4.1K

Total Volume

◎ 99.8K

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Magic Eden

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Floor Price

◎ 4.23

Total Volume (All Marketplaces)

◎ 99.8K


Listed Count


Floor Price

◎ 0

Total Volume

◎ 16.5K