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Decimus Dynamics

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Decimus Dynamics

It is the year 3081. The Earth is now a desolate landscape uninhabitable for the human race. A group of aliens, the Zeons invaded the Earth and decimated the population of Earth with chemicals and poisonous gasses. These chemicals have an adverse effect on the Earth's raccoon population and enhance their mental capacities to levels beyond former human intelligence. These now mentally enhanced raccoons have headed underground and started building a new civilization. They create 4000 robots they can pilot, first to help with digging and moving things too heavy for their small bodies, but after years underground there is unrest between different factions of the raccoon civilization.

Floor Price

◎ 3.17 Decreased by 5.37%

Total Listed

185 Increased by 1.66%

Mint Price

◎ 2

Mint Date

10 Apr 2022

24 Hour Floor Range *

◎ 0.00 - 9.99

7 Day Floor Range *

◎ 0.00 - 9.99

30 Day Floor Range *

◎ 0.00 - 9.99

24 Hour Volume

◎ 92.8

7 Day Volume

◎ 521.3

30 Day Volume

◎ 762.8

Total Volume

◎ 40.4K

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Magic Eden

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Floor Price

◎ 3.17

Total Volume (All Marketplaces)

◎ 40.4K


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Floor Price

◎ 15

Total Volume

◎ 575.2